How to sew a double zip pouch

Curious to know how to sew this lined double zip pouch with a detachable wristlet strap?
This double zip pouch is super user-friendly and you can store almost anything that can be fit in it.
The perfect handmade gift that YOU made for your family members, friends, colleagues etc.😉😁.
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Double zip pouch with wristlet strap


Closed my .com


Hi 🙂
Had closed down my .com on 24th May 2018. If you ever received any emails from CherGis after the date stated, asking for payment or to click on any link, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS. Delete that email away immediately.
If you want to see my ready-stocks, go to

Why you close your .com? Again? hahaha… 🙂
As you know, I am the only person running this small handmade business. I really do want to maintain my online store still, BUT, when your online store starts to have more visitors, “phishers” come too, they get your email from your contact page, from blog or FB page, then they will try to send you phishing emails, to try to trick you into clicking onto their phishing link by sending you “threats” emails, saying your email account will be closed if you don’t click onto this link etc. I HATE IT! I had already gotten? don’t know how many emails threatening to close down my email account from ? mail admin?  -_- don’t know from who lah huh… Well, close it lah, I don’t need it anymore anyway… why the emails still keep coming in? Obviously, it’s fake. Thinking I am a mom, I know nothing to all these emails spam and phishing? 喂, 我有读书的hor… 

Sometimes I get real emails from real people. BUT if their email contains links or attachments, I won’t click it at all. And I will delete it immediately assuming it as a spam email. Thus, I decided to change back to the marketplace. Safer, I think, as the marketplace will have a group of professionals to maintain their online security system to protect all their customers as well as sellers, and also they have their own method of communication between buyers and sellers. So, should be safer right?

My previous online store does have a strong security system too as it’s powered by Shopify BUT I personally still need to be careful too. I don’t want my customers’ personal information to be leaked out if I am not careful enough. SO, to be on the safe side, for me as well as for my customers, and also since, I won’t be producing products on a regular basis, I decided to close it. Save monthly subscription fees also lah >.< 

Another thing is, marketing, to have visitors, you need to market your store, very aggressively, I can’t cos I am too shy … hahahahaha no lah, as a handmade seller, a one-man show, trying to produce a variety of ready-made products every month is not achievable. To me, I can’t. I set a target for myself to produce a certain amount of products. I tried, but seriously, I CAN’T!  Ok, say behind my back lah say lah, lousy lah lazy lah blah blah blah *rolleyes* 
How to market my store aggressively when I don’t have a lot of products? Who wants to keep seeing the same thing over and over again?
Nothing new = nothing interesting = no visitors
If I don’t market my store or products regularly, people will forget me. And there are so many other people doing the same thing as me. Mine is not so special after all. *disheartened after seeing other handmade sellers products as they are so good*

Conclusion, the lesson I learnt:-
– >To go far in a business, you can’t do everything yourself. You will need someone to help you. Be it in purchasing supplies, production, marketing, accounting, taxes, photography, maintaining the website, security issue and delivery. 一个人的力量是有限的。Example. If you are a person who cooks really good dishes, do you think you can manage a restaurant erhm..ok hawker stall, all by yourself alone? Think about it…

From my experience, my advice for others who intend to start their own handmade business in Singapore (maybe you will find my advice B**S****, well it’s just my personal view only no need to be so harsh on me ok?)
-> Don’t start young. Start at an age when you intend to retire with a significant amount of saving where all your children are grown up & finished with their studies. No worries mode. Why? In SG, the harsh truth, you need money to do many things. If you don’t have the $, you can’t buy a flat, and starting a family is not possible also. Unless you yourself already very rich or got yourself a super rich man lah, then, by all means, go ahead and start your business.
Me? I didn’t get myself a super-rich man, but a man who saves a lot for the family 🙂 Well, I cannot be the self-fish one right? He saves I spend meh? I still have many years to go before the retirement age in Singapore, 62. So, I got to work hard for him and myself also. I can probably start doing my sewing again after 62? Maybe not? Don’t know lah see how …

When I told my mom I decided to stop sewing full-time, she was happy, can see from her face. 🙂 Why? Because she used to do what I am doing now, 35 years ago, she knows how tough it is to sew for others and the “disturbance” from loved ones around you can stop you from finishing your work on time. To her, it is a 吃力不讨好的工作. She still prefers me to get a full-time job. ok loh… 



也已发现社交媒体,FB没有以前活跃了。 Too much security issue,I guess.
也没什么人关注了,在这儿也徘徊了10年多了,该是时候放下了(虽然很不舍得我的小小手作坊,可是。。。 social media makes me very depressed sometimes, 所以。。。) ,也该把身上的网扫一扫,清理一下身心出去走走了。
突然想到这首歌 “走出去就有路。。。” 😄😄
我还是喜欢手作的,会偶尔不定时做些新的作品,放上卖场(现在该想想保留我的网站还是转回卖场 Qoo10 )
有空时,就来走走看看吧 🙂
很感谢大家这几年来的支持与鼓励 ^_^


It’s quite some time that I am doing this handmade thingy.
Was thinking, should I move on to other interests with more opportunities, a regular monthly income  & more connection with the outside world? Or should I stay in my handmade business (my comfort zone also) without a regular monthly income & am always working alone & talking to myself with distraction from my children and the house chores every now & then?

Isn’t’ sewing & selling your crafts your passion and dreams?
Err… no lei, dreams are only in the dream right? Sewing & selling my handmade craft is one of my interests. 🙂 This interest developed when I am staying in France, besides raising and caring my children in France, I am pretty free then. I did not have to cook 2 meals per day as my elder child will be in school until 4.30pm and my littlest one was born in 2010 Dec, 4 years apart from her elder sister. And so, she was just a few months old she only drinks milk, “goo goo ga ga” and take naps most of the time. And also, the house chores were not that much then, as we don’t sweat as much as in Singapore (a really hot country most of the times, prefer very much the 4 seasons in France ) and the floor, in my house, in France, will always feel cooling and not sticky and insects and pests would appear only during summer!

Here, in Singapore, the floor, in my house, always makes me feel sticky, food crumbs on the floor or anywhere, have to clean it away FAST! Else the little black ants will come or the big black flying cockroaches will fly in, in the middle of the night. If there’re ants or any insects, there will be house lizards, and these lizards like to poop everywhere they past by. **SIGH ** ok enough of these chores thingy -_-

And that’s why since I’m quite free over there in France, besides selling pre-loved on, I crochet too to past time and sometimes I need to sew lining for the crochet pouch thus I bought a sewing machine too. And slowly, I venture into sewing. 🙂

Go bazaar and you will have connection to the outside world?
I’m unable to produce so many products all by myself. I still need products on my online store. And most of my products I only produce 1 piece. How to go bazaar lei? I did try flea market in France for pre-loved. Was very excited initially, but after that day, I told myself, no more flea markets. It’s not about I made any sales or not, its the hassle of setting up for a day and for a few hours,  and then you have to keep everything again. But it was a good experience though and fun, especially with your friends 🙂

Anyway, my children are growing up, they don’t need much attention from me now. I let my P6 handle her studies herself. I not going to KPO on her studies, (so difficult lei all those Science and Maths questions!) she should know when to play and when to study by now. My P2, still young, but she is better, as in, not as blur as her elder sister at her age. She had a better understanding too. When “jie jie” study she study too so … 🙂

Come to think of it, I am back to Singapore for about 6 years. Officially sewing crafts for about 5 years. Selling all kinds of stuff online in France & in Singapore, for about 10 years, from 2008 till now at different platforms. WOW! I have 10 years of online selling experience sia … power lei .. ha as if …

And also, I have a career break of… if a business doesn’t count as a career, then a total of 14 years. Wow.. that really long. Guess how old am I now? hahaha …

Anyway, these are all my thoughts … and am thinking should I move on or stay in my comfort zone?  Anyone willing to give me any advise? TIA 🙂