3 new casual bags

Finally, 😅 managed to finish 3 of them.
In dark colour tones.
Ya slowcoach I am. 😒😁
Only 1 of the Anchor, Marine feel. The rest still available for made-to-order.
More will be coming up soon in lighter colour tones. ☺️
These 3 are available for purchase now @my online store 🙂
Thank you so much for reading and have a nice weekend.




Last batch of fabric

Last batch of fabric, from them.
Decided to source from other online fabric sellers. Maybe they have something different and unique. 😉
Or should I design my own fabric? 😏
Upgrade myself? 😄



–> 做好自己的事,不管别人的事 <–

也分享了他的物,不知为何,总觉得人家认为我是贪小便宜的小买家 *生气*
有发现吗?我很少买你的sale items 都买正品。 贵的hor!
要记住 –> 做好自己的事,不管别人的事 <–
算了,有我没我都一样,his loss, my gain 🙂


Newly made Accordion Organizers

Freshly made. 😊
Accordion Organizers for ang pows, vouchers, bills, notes, different currencies, cheques etc.
Organise whatever you like with it. 😀
Purchase them here


Casual Tote bag

Working at home makes me feel free and easy. There isn’t a need to dress up pretty for work, though I love to look pretty. Not much chance to use most of my leather handbags & all are looking pretty & neat in my wardrobe drawer
So, I made this tote for myself for my casual days outing
Love the shape of it and so “kawaii ne”
It’s an open tote that’s close with a press stud button and in the interior, there’re 2 zip pockets, 1 on each side, so important stuff won’t get stolen by naughty hands

Used this lovely casual tote for a few times and I found it to be very user-friendly. I like it! Important items are well protected in the zipper pockets. 👍
The best part is I love the fabric prints. Polka dots! My favorite! 😍😁
Had chosen a few of the best suitable fabrics to make into this tote, but due to the magnetic buttons not available yet, I am unable to take photos of them till I finished it up with the magnetic buttons <- the final touch. 😅
Want to take a look at the fabrics I choose? 🤔🤨😏
Will you want to look at fabrics only and imagine the outcome? Of course, you will prefer to look at the final products right?
So stay tuned for my new casual tote bags in March.
Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! 😊